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Welcome to the new "Economics of Home Projects." 

 Formerly, this site was for sales of my audios and select transcripts from a few of them.  However, in light of new developments presently and on the horizon, audio marketing has been indefinitely postponed in favor of writings.

Now, more emphasis is on my immensely modifed messages/moments originally transposed from audio to digital script.  These were recently featured and marketed individually on "Affordable ....." where they've been assimilated into a single book......................... 

"Power in the House!"

For Avid Readers

We're trying something new on this one.  For starters, I'll gradually develop one of my person-to-person transcripted moments which is exempt from sale (Clinching the Deal!) on this site from its very beginning continuing on with paragraphs added on occasion until the end.

This is perfect for those who like reading and intrigue where they're willing to wait to hear/read what's coming next.

Please go to this page to read it:


For Avid Listeners 

"Clinching the Deal!" can also be heard free online 24/7 for those who prefer hearing this wonderful moment of empowerment for American homeowners and homerenters in its entirety, all at once.

" A Moment with RB "

About This Site

It is estimated that, in America, homeowners annually invest between $150-400 billion on variations of home maintenance and improvement.  However,  about 25% of that  is due to project waste and consumer victimization by corrupt residential contractors and related imposters. 

Therefore, the design of "Economics of Home Projects" is to offer affordable project-related information to enable you to stay in control of your home projects.  We know the more you are in charge of how your money will be used, the less you will waste.  In addition, the less likely will you be scammed.

Inevitably, even if you don't invest a cent for what you'll undoubtedly learn and apply, you enjoy practically  savings into the hundreds/thousands of dollars which will have otherwise been squandered.


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