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About This Site

 It is estimated that, in America, homeowners annually invest between $150-400 billion on variations of home maintenance and improvement.  However, about 25% of that is due to project waste and consumer victimization by corrupt residential contractors and related imposters.

Therefore, the design of "Economics of Home Projects" is to offer you home project related tips and special strategies which when used wise can enable you to gain and to maintain more control over your home projects. Yet, there’s really more to this wonderful portraits than what at this points meets the eyes.

Actually, you’re in the forefront of taking home maintenance and improvement standards and expectations to another level. But then not just to another level but to a brand new day and time where the risks for variations of home fraud are minimized while the realization of success home projects are maximized.

For sure, we’re taking about the future. At this moment, what you’re doing is more connected to this incredible futuristic phenomenon than you may presently conceive to believe. You see, what you’re beginning to practice today will be widely practiced in all 50 states, tomorrow!

Welcome to the Future!!



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 Formerly, this site was for sales of RB's audios and select transcripts from a few of them.  However, in light of new developments presently and on the horizon, audio marketing has been indefinitely postponed in favor of writings.

Now, more emphasis is on RB's immensely modified messages/moments originally transposed from audio to digital script.  These are presently featured and marketed individually  or collectively as constituents of the following e-book:  

"Power in the House!"

[You can order any of these directly from online t\ via established  major e-book distributors For more info to discover which scripts are free of charge and which are not, you can go to either of these inspirational pages]:

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______________________________________________________Special Note: No marketed items offered are mandatory for you to purchase in order to receive maximum benefit/service via the network's  permanent   "Free Service Policy"  

Marketed items are fund-raisers for expenses both personal and network related. However, they are also free for the asking. What is most paramount is that you stay informed and stay connected.

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